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Bug (Help) Error: Unable to access jarfile spigot.jar

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Dboy1999, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Whenever i open my folder for my minecraft bukkit server and than open the run.bat inside the folder it sais, "Error: Unable to access jarfile spigot.jar" It is starting to get really annoying and i've seen various videos relating to this topic and none of them help. My skype is Dboy199911 If you have time to call me.
  2. wat.
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  3. Dmck2b

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    Is your jar called spigot.jar or is it spigot-1.7.2-R0.3-SNAPSHOT.jar or something along those lines?

    If you could show us the start.bat and a picture of everything in the folder it could be handy as well.
  4. how do i upload a picture to it. i just started spigot today so im kinda nooby
  5. Just rename your jar to spigot :) (spigot.jar)
  6. do u hav skype?
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  7. server cmd.PNG

    pic of server.PNG
  8. Dmck2b

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    What you have there is craftbukkit.jar, not spigot.jar. That is what is causing the error.
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  9. jflory7

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    You need to right-click on the "run" file and open in something like Notepad, and then screenshot what is inside of there.
  10. do i just replace it, or make a whole new folder dedicated to the spigot.jar you just sent me?
  11. Just replace it :p
  12. jeff142


    replace it

  13. Hey I have the same problem but the only thing is I named it spigot.jar and its still not working...
  14. I have the same problem myn is named spigot.jar and its still not working Please help...