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  1. okay im using pex, ezrankspro and TAB, when i add myself to a rank, in this case blackhat it changes it to this and i cannot change it in the TAB config
    what i want it to look like but i want where it says blackhat in purple i want it to say my prison rank
    what it looks like:
    Please help!
  2. if you didn't understand, my issue is that i have 2 ranks, blackhat and rank H
  3. Could you show me the config of the TAB config, and ezranks pro config please. or any other config that has anything to do with ranks. that you might have on the server.
  4. Dont quote me on this because I have never used ezrankspro, but it could possibly be overlapping another plugin.
  5. Okay, want me to show you my plugins?
  6. well after taking a look at your configs, they are very messy looking, are those the default configs?
  7. No they are not, im not 100% finshed
  8. To be honest I would go through all your configs because they look super messy and out of line which might be the reason of your issue.
  9. Do /tab debug <player>
  10. There’s not an issue... it’s just that rank A is overriding rank BlackHat...
  11. For the Group's prefix name
    &c is RED
    This should be &d for LIGHT_PURPLE or &5 for DARK_PURPLE
    See Formatting Codes
  12. ik i mean where it says dark purple i want it not to say blackhat i want it to say my prison rank like A
  13. when i do debug it says group A is my primary, how do i change group my primary rank from group A to blackhat?
  14. Oh, I see, that is rather complicated.
    I am not sure there is an answer for your needs in this case.
    You could try
    prefix: 'A'
    suffix: 'Blackhat'