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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by StriKraft_Owner, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Hi there,
    I recently added Protocol Support, which allows support for a bunch of versions to join. I blocked all clients below 1.8. I've seen a server that has a pretty similar setup to this. However, this server has a feature that sets a lore for all 1.8+ blocks to something along the lines of "This is actually an [Insert Item Name Here]. Update your client to see the actual for it." What I think the server does is instead of just changing the block to a 1.8 block (like an end rod being changed to glow stone, for example), change the item to an untextured block and gives it the name of the 1.8+ block along with the lore.
    In this image, I just have a stone block renamed and re-lored.
    I may, however be wrong. The server also had these lore warnings on updated clients even though you could see the blocks. Anyone know how or if this can be done?
  2. It seems like ProtocolSupport, while great, isn't the plugin you are looking for. I'd suggest ViaBackwards. They handle missing things somewhat like you'd expect.
  3. This would be great, except I am running on 1.11.2 and I believe ViaBackwards only works for 1.10 and allows 1.9 clients. Please, correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Then use ProtocolSupport and use its API. It shouldn't be too hard with a custom plugin.
  5. I just started learning java. How would you go about doing this?