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  1. I have a server and I thought to use bungeecord for it(the server is 1.5.2). Well I can't get it to work; I added my servers to the config file and I added the host to and the addresses of the servers to localhost:25566....
    But I saw a post for the errors I was getting and it was saying not to use localhost for the other servers so now I am asking if I have to make my ip static and add that ip as the address. If yes then I would like to ask for help on making my ip static on ubuntu as I don't have the eth0 but wlan0.
  2. Well I need to know if I have to make my ip static on my ubuntu and add that ip as the address of the servers in the config file like this:
    And if yes how I can make it on my ubuntu as I don't have the eth0 in the ifconfig but wlan0.
    As now if I connect to my default server it says couldn't connect to default server.
  3. Sir, that is not you public address.
  4. Can you help me or not? I just wrote something random so you can understand....
  5. How do you expect me to understand something random?
  6. Man are you kidding me?
    Here I will tell you again for the last time...
    I have 4 servers and I want to use bungeecord to be able to connect from each other.
    But I want to know if I need my ip to be static and if I have to as I use ubuntu and I know you can make it static using eth0 I want to ask the how with the wlan0 as I don't have eth0(if you can't answer the second question it's ok but I need to know about the first one).
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    Supporter IS NOT YOUR IP. That is the problem.

    You are very unclear, providing unstructured information, and using a few technical terms which can make understanding you even harder.

    You gave us no logs of your connections, and did not even send us the configuration files, and certainly didnt provide us with a clear error to work with.
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    Now, if you will actually listen, 192.168.bla.bla is your local ip, and will not work for people connecting outside your local network (usually the only people in that are the people in your house). Go to a site like for your external IP. This ip can change if you have not paid your hosting provider for a static ip.

    For any more help we will see your configs and any errors if there is any.

    Then put the other servers on other ports, then change bungeecord config to add;PORT (presuming all servers are on the same machine).
    (Replace the ; with a :, i used ; so it didnt turn into :p.)
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  9. Oh man the problem is that I don't get any errors on the console but when I try to connect to the server it says could not connect to the server and I think the problem is caused because to the address tab in the config file I use localhost:25566,localhost:25567.... to the servers and I want to know if I have to make my ip static and add it to the tab.
  10. Can't I make it static for free? And yes there are all in the same machine.
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    You can safely ignore this static IP business for now. Just use (or localhost) to connect, and presuming you have all the servers on the same computer/machine, change the server-port in the of the other servers to 25577, 25577, etc. Then, in the bungee config, add the servers like normal.
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    Unfortunatley, over 90% of network providers, if not all, do not provide a static IP for free.

    If you are connecting to the servers from within your own house, you can safely ignore this static ip business until you go public.

    When you go public, set the TTL on the domain to the lowest possible you can, and then point the domain to your new ip.
  13. And this should work because in the I edited the address as-well as I was shown from a video. Is this wrong?
  14. Well I want people to be able to join my server will they be able if I use And what do you mean by saying TTL?
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    Server-Address in you can safely leave blank :). That is only if you have got more than 1 ip pointing to your computer, which you do not.
    In fact, editing it wrongly can often mean nobody is able to connect to it.
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    Time To Live == TTL. When you change the domains IP it can take the time of the TTL to update - The lower the TTL is on a non-static IP, the better, because when the ip changes all players would be unable to connect - meaning you want to update the domain faster.

    However, if you can, get a static ip. Often less than £3.

    Use for everything except the ip that other people outside your computer will connect to.
  17. If I use a domain I have so they connect to the default server and for the other servers will it then work? Or they won't be able to connect on the other servers?
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    Supporter will work for the other servers. The only thing they need to connect to is the BungeeCord :)
  19. Ok hope I will get it to work.