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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by MelaniumAS, Aug 14, 2019.

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  1. ENGLISH :
    Hello, how can I protect my server from the CMD / ping ip of my server.
    Look if someone asked the same thing as me and I have not seen anything related to this topic. I use a VPS, but I would like to know how to hide my server IP, the NUMBER IP. I use a domain in GODDADDY.

    Hola como puedo proteger mi servidor de el CMD/ping ip de mi servidor.
    Mire si alguien pregunto lo mismo que yo y no e visto nada referido a este tema. Uso una VPS, pero quisiera saber como ocultar mi IP de servidor , la IP NUMERICA . Uso un dominio en GODDADDY.
  2. You can’t
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  3. Strahan


    You can actually, but it's not worth the hassle or latency impact. Just get a host with good DDoS protection and call it a day.

    BTW, you say "hide my server IP, the NUMBER IP" as though you think something like is a type of IP. It's not. That's a domain name, not an IP. (Pet peeve of mine lol)
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  4. It is not your opinion, I want to know. (STUPID jujumm sorry stupid pet)
  5. I think they don't understand, I want users to not be able to use in CMD / PING (MY SERVER IP). And that my numerical IP appears. As for example the HYPIXEL server that when giving CMD does not give you a HYPIXEL NUMBER IP.
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    It is not possible to hide an IP from ping, they wouldn't be able to resolve & connect to the server.
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