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  1. Hello spigot users, I'm a new server owner opening a generic factions server, and I just don't know how to get my first players. I've posted my server on list websites (6 of them) and they only got me a few players that quit after one day for about a week, then stopped working altogether even though I vote and bump them regularly.

    I really feel passionate toward making and owning a server but however I have a very limited budget, and if I don't do something soon, I'll have to give it up to not lose any more money. I would really appreciate some help, as most videos and forum posts I have seen just say 'post your server on list websites' 'interact with your community' and 'pay for advertisements.' Again, I can't really do the last one, and I try to talk and interact with my community on discord as much as possible but most of them (90% of the 30 people I have) don't even play factions.

    I also can't exactly post on YouTube, as my computer just isn't good enough to record at at least 60 fps. *sad face*

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Also, If any big/relatively big server owners could share some things they did, that would be wonderful! (Also, if anyone wants to join my server and have a look to see if I'm doing anything wrong, here's the ip: and my discord is Rehack#3888 if you need it. Again, thanks.
  2. on the same boat here but i have a survival server
  3. I mean heres one of your main issues... the problem in my opinion is that there just isnt anything worth the players time. (I know thats harsh let me explain). Think from the players perspective. Faction servers require people (obviously), thats why its fun its less about building your base in the world its about interaction with other players, the raids, and the grind to ftop.

    I assume you have a world border, i would suggest it be small to start with for this "season" of factions since you just started, you won't have many players (as you say) and it will be easier for players to come into contact with each other. This all drives competition which is good for potentially convverting new players to concurrent ones.

    Now to address why I quoted "generic factions server" , from an owners perspective, how would you convince me I should play on your server? From where i stand, your just like every other brand new factions server i can find on MC server lists. You don't seem to have anything unique or at least configured enough to appear unique. In general it feels a bit bland and more of the same. dropping out of the spawn leads me a perimeter enclosed by blue wool and i think dark green clay or terracotta. there is no where to go if i just dropped out of spawn. In general on my brief visit to your server i found nothing that was remotely unique or that would allow you to maintain a player base. Now on to the other issues which i discovered once logging on

    As you can see in the photo below the server, there is a website (clearly not the server ip
    ) This website is non-existent. Moreover, the "no faction" on the scoreboard is totally cut off which is an eye sore. I would suggest making it just say Faction: Wilderness, or something to that effect. Now onto an invalid placeholder this too just looks unprofessional and should have been ironed out well before a launch.


    Below you can see me asking for how to get to a spawn since i spawned in the middle of nowhere, upon typing to go to spawn via the warps I recieved a unknown command error, I did try /spawn and theat yielded the same thing. I recieve the message i am about to be teleported and recieve that it is an unknown command. This is another sign that the server has not been properly tested and is poorly designed

    In the screenshot below we can see someone who I assume to be rehack or another high privillaged staff member with console, using /say from console. This also appears unprofessional, if the owner or high ranking staff wanted to communicate something it would have been best to do it as a private messagge to the trial moderator online to ask them to relay the message to me. I also make clear in the screenshot below that i am unable to go to spawn saying warps end up with an unknown command. Yet nothing further was done to fix my issue or help me get to spawn not even a forced teleport there. I'd say disregard the all caps locked message from our console user but that also must not be disregarded. It almost toxic in chat and makes it seem as if the higher ranked staff member or owner does not care about their server's image. This in turn makes me a new player to the server feel that i should not waste my own time on such a server. Playing on a server is MY time I would not play on a server where I don't know if the server will even exist a month down the road.
    v upload_2020-6-29_1-6-33.png

    69420 - Really??!? What a choice of player count. I highly doubt your server can support 69420 players simulaneously, it should really be adjusted to a more realistic number based on server hardware and native server version. Yes I am ignoring the sexual pun (but now you the reader are not)

    Finally below, this was by far the funniest moment for me on your server. I created a faction. Upon trying to have my description as "Stop capping" I kept getting kicked for spam by typing /f desc stop capping. Eventually i settled for stop_capping but the fun didnt stop there. I wondered if I could claim land anywhere. So i decided to try it out in spawn, I honestly thought that this would be futile. BUT NO I was wrong I now have claimed the central chunk of spawn. In the interests of not griefing server property I did not test if i could break anything in my new claimed chunk, but regardless this would also need to be fixed. (as a side note did work the websites at the bottom rotate). I would also mention spawn protection being enabled when i spawned in for the first time i spawned in the middle of nowhere and was unable to break any blocks since spawn protection prevented me from doing so.

    I did try to do a /plugins to see what was on but obviously was denied permission, however /about <tab> did still work and in general it appeared you had no plugins i hadnt heard of before so i stand with their not being anything unique. Now you dont need a fully custom server to be successful, what you need is to fix all the issues outlined above as well as work on some unique aspects to draw people to your community there has to be a reason for people to give their time up to play on your server. If its the same as everyone else, no one will see any point in playing. Moreover, the server being cracked really isnt doing it any favours (at least i do not condone offline servers if not used for bungeecord) support the developers of minecraft, I know tist since the servers tablist is formatted in 1.8+ format and does not have the heads next to the names also my skin wouldnt load both tell tale signs of a cracked server. I met a T-Mod on as well who was unable to tell me how long the server had been around and had just joined that day since @Rehack was a developer on another server this mod was working on....

    I leave it up to the reader to decide how ethical or moral this is to pilfer staff from other servers.

    This server is poorly designed with a lot of obvious basic and generic issues that should have been ironed out and fixed well before release. It lacks any unique aspect or at least none that i could find with the 10 odd minutes that i was on which i take is the amount of time most people would stop by a server to decide if they would stay or not.
    To grow the server, you would need to fix all of this, train your staff and teach them to answer basic questions about the server "how to get to spawn" or "how long has the server been around" this should be part of basic training for all your staff, trial or not. They should know this before getting their shiny new tag. You would also need to aquire more funding, this is a business it takes capitol to be successful, some small youtubers maybe around a 1000-3000 ish subs would be good to hire a conversion rate of subscribers at 1% would still be 10-30 players but if they get more views than than subs on their videos thats also a great sign. You would want to check for consistency and that they arent botting subs or views. You should also persist with the server list thing since if your not on the first 2 pages for "new servers section" you arent relevant. Encourage voting and offer paypal rewards for Ftop (staff must be excluded to avoid conflict of interest or abuse of rank).

    PS:For those of you wondering how I eventually got to spawn, I figured that the default home would be at the spawn location and so used the home function to get to spawn.
    PPS: @Rehack If you are a developer and not a configurator I would strongly suggest you make some custom plugins for user experience on your server, since this would 1 be free to you and 2 give players a reason to play

    EDIT: Just re-read what you wrote owning a MC server will takes money, if your worried about losing money your in the wrong line of work. It will take a while before your MC server is popular enough to be making money let alone see a return on investment
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  4. Hello, thank you for taking your time for writing such an informative post. I completely agree with what your saying, and have changed the game mode to survival which was much easier to add features too and does not require a large play base to have fun with.

    Now, my main problem is that I'm not sure to try and make the best use of these two weeks I have left of my server and hopefully make at least enough to pay for a bit longer, or to keep adding features in these two weeks, making it as amazing as I can possibly and wait until I have funds to start the server again. I'm also rinsing that staff team and have hired two experienced staff managers to get the rest into shape.

    Again, thank you for taking your time and writing out all of the above. I'm going to mark this as solved, and add me on discord Rehack#3888 if you want to talk further. Thank you.
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