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  1. Ok so I recently started a youtube channel and I have no clue on how to grow it, I edit each video for a numerous hours but no new people can find my videos.

  2. Youtube is time intensive. You were active for around four month, with just a few videos coming out at an irregular rate. You wont grow without an consistent upload or a sudden jump of viewers. My two pennies on this is, don't take youtube serious. People aiming to make it big on youtube are very likely to lose the motivation because its too difficult.
  3. Be more active youtuber.
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    Talk in your videos. People don't watch videos to listen to some random music pasted on some random tape. And they certainly don't want to read during a video. If they wanna read, they'll search the internet or find a book instead. Unless those things are integrated in a smart way in your video, you should talk.

    EDIT: And don't tell me you are editing those videos on your channel for hours. I can believe you if you are editing them for 1 hour (2 hours if you are very slow).

    It's harsh advice but in my eyes it's the truth. Good luck!
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  5. To grow a youtube channel, what I recommend is not to do spawm through social networks or other channels.
    Currently to upload subscriber on YouTube, it takes a lot of time.
    You have to be patient, upload videos and wait.
    Try to improve every day more the quality and the edition.
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    Spamming through social networks in a smart way is in my opinion one of the smartest marketing strategy to your company in this case his youtube channel.
  7. Personally, I do not think so.
    Spam is not necessary.
    Just imform that you have a channel or a company, but do not continuously publish video links, ...
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    Watch Gary Vaynerchuk on Youtube. He is one of the examples that talks about this.
  9. Activity is key. Your channel grows slowly at first, it really can be nerve wracking to see you sub count not grow for months. But eventually your youtube stats will exponentially grow if you provide quality content.
  10. I have the same problems and thanks for all the advice
  11. The thing about YouTube now days is that it's almost impossible to get big unless you get shoutouted by other YouTubers or invest money in maybe advertising like Tai Lopez did. One of my favourite YouTubers called RacoonsEggs only has what 22,000 subs?! And just letting you know, he plays with people that have over 1 million subs. He is one of the few small YouTubers I have seen that actually makes really funny and good videos. But he still only has 22k. This is of course just one example of many. But be warned. If you want to get famous. It's going to be a long ride. Unless you get a shoutout from like PewDiePie or something xD.

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