Help! Hostile Mobs Don't Spawn!

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  1. I have had my server since later 2013 and have never had a problem with this. Lately I have had problems with mob spawning and I have been all over the internet trying to find a way to fix this but it is still not fixed. My server is on hard and has doMobSpawning on and I have configured most of my plugins. BTW They Spawn, They just don't spawn naturally.
    Plugins list:
    Group Manager
    Essentials Chat
    Essentials AntiBuild
    Essentials Spawn
    Essentials Protect
    Total (13)
    If anybody can help, It would be greatly appreciated! :)
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  2. make sure Ur server diffuctly isnt on peacful and That gamerule DoMobSpawning Is set to True if those are on the settings i Saïd above then it Is a world guard issue
  3. Both of those things are set on true and I have configured world guard
  4. my best suggestion Is copy and paste Ur world guard config somewhere on Ur desktop delete the plugin see if mobs spawn
  5. Okay I will try that
  6. No I removed world guard and no hostile mobs spawned in on my over world
  7. Can u post Ur essential protect and Essentials config hère please thats the only other plugin it could be
  8. By the way this is actually a yml file I had to make it txt to upload it.

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  9. So i think i know the problème if u go to Ur There Is a setting to do with mob spawnong u Will see the Name wnd know its the right setting if its false turn it to True Save the file and restart Ur server.​
  10. I have looked but if you wanna take a look go ahead because I have found nothing
    *Like the last file this is actually a yml file*

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  11. Can anyone else help with the problem?

    Thanks -fuzzheadnine
  12. Tweak these settings in spigot.yml and bukkit.yml

    ticks-per monster spawns
    mob-spawn range
    entity activation range

    What spigot version are you running?
  13. No man its weire all his settings are right ive checked the configs
  14. It doesn't show anything up on my console, So I can't see where the problem is originating.... I have also checked all of the config files making sure that spawning is set to true.
  15. odd vert odd
  16. I tried spawning in one of the mobs near one of my players, It also seemed to not pay any attention to them as if they were not even their.
  17. I am running CraftBukkit 1.8.1 And I have configured all of those settings.
  18. I had this problem too and I change the difficulty using /difficulty medium
    Try that
  19. make sure it's not on peacefull
  20. Nope that doesn't work :(