Help Hunger and Protection broken

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  1. Hi I have been working on creating a server and had given protection 5 to a full set of diamond armor and while testing it out on my weapons i noticed i only talk half a heart or no heart at all I had tested this out on prot 1-4 with all the same results. all of my weapons are at sharp 10-35 and deal on their attack damage 12.5-25.5 dmg. I have even tested out making sure all the hits are powered and with mobs all only do half heart.

    Also my hunger bar doesnt decrease at all even while destroying things or taking damage my health doesnt regen and my food bar stays full.

    does anyone know a solution to this or the problem

    -Enchantment Solutions Additions
    -worldguard extra flags

    I have tried taking out all of my enchantment plugins but the problems still persist. Even when im outside of my spawn region on world guard my hunger doesnt go down.
  2. Hello, complicate telling you it may be stupid but the world is not in peaceful, you have not set a worldguard flag which avoids the hunger party?
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  3. The world is on hard and i have no worldguard flags stopping hunger they are all only grief protection flags and a pvp enabled flag with a keep inventory
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