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  1. How to make such a color in minecraft, in my opinion it was released in update 1.16+
  2. int r, int g, int b stands for RGB, red green blue, the way to make all colors.
    You can use websites to creates the rgb values for you

    rgb values is number from 0 (dark) to 255 (light)
    so 255,255,255 is white and 0,0,0 is black. But 255,0,0 is red
  3. Thanks a lot, But how do I post this to LuckPerms? I just enter Color.fromRGB(int r, int g, int b) and the group is not given this color
  4. Hi, regular Minecraft colour codes don't support 1.16's RGB text feature. Developers currently need to make their own efforts to support it. If HolographicDisplays doesn't support RGB codes, look into HolographicExtension and see if it allows RGB codes to be used in HoloDisplays.
  5. They are giving you Java code for a plugin, not something you give LuckPerms or type in chat. :)
  6. luckperms seems to support it, I saw that Russian developers did this (multi-colored RGB text), but I don't know how
  7. ahem .. does TRHolograms support??
  8. LuckPerms? as in the group prefixes have RGB colour codes in them on the Russian server?
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  10. That is most likely another plugin which manages the tab list, such as Tab. I don't believe LuckPerms has support for RGB colours.. I've never tried it, just an assumption.
  11. ok, thx
  12. By the way, give you the IP address so that you can see everything?
  13. Tab is a really good plugin, it will do nametags and the tab list for you. One thing it won't do are chat messages because that's just out of the scope of the resource anyways. So, if you want RGB chat coloured prefixes the same as the tab list ones, then you will need to look into a chat manager plugin such as VentureChat or DeluxeChat.
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  15. The screenshot is enough, thank you. :)
  16. Okay, yep, you will need to install a chat management plugin as I stated in my other reply too.
  17. Thank you :)
  18. You're welcome, good luck with the server! :)