Help in rare symbols

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  1. I speak Spanish and I configure in Spanish
    I have problems with signs, when putting one of these: "¿ ¡ ñ q"
    For example here an image
    Captura de pantalla 2017-04-25 16.05.27.png

    I need help please
  2. Can you post the config? I think that the problems are the color codes
  3. In order to use those symbols, you must encode the file in UTF-8
    Definitely not colour codes.
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  4. UTF-8 is the Java symbol for color codes and special characters. They often start with "\u00A7". This link will be of use.
  5. They are both symbols, but UTF for Java. However i don't think that he created the plugin, he saw "i configure in Spanish" so i think it's a public plugin.

    If the plugin isn't yours you can't use symbols, if the plugin is yours you can save the class with UTF-8
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  6. The plugin is not mine, it's the essentials error in motd and more
  7. Okay so you can do nothing
  8. How sad, although I have seen servers that are in Spanish and did not have this kind of problems, anyway thank you for answering me
  9. Yeah but they don't use the same plugin, however nothing <3