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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by RafricOFC, Aug 17, 2018.

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  1. Hey Guys im making a Plugin
    And I want to add a sounds in the command
    Im using eclipse and im new in plugins development
    What I need do?
  2. You mean play a sound to the player when they do a command?
    I believe it’s something such as Player#playSound(sound);
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  3. Hey thx to reply.
    I want to like...
    And play a sound...
    This sound can be Chenge in a config.yml file
    Its possible?
  4. Possible? Sure. Will we spoon-feed you code? No.
  5. Not friend, without violence!
    I do not mug you Just want a recommendation from where I can find help
    You are aggressive.
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  6. So for the play command you need to create a class implementing CommandExecutor do the completition(replace the default variables) after that you need to get the world
    define the world by getting the sender's world(if you want everybody to hear it)
    else as Heraldry said just use Player..playSound(sound)
    for config list is gonna be a bit tricky as you might need to create a class to define shortcuts like xplvl = Sound.PlayerLevel..... and so on
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  7. Thanks Man! ♥
    I will try it!
    Have a blessed day
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