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  1. When i open 4 servers skyblock it just take 15% CPU
    But if i open 5 servers Skywars with 10 players it take me 90% CPU
    Skywars info: 4 servers with 1.5GB, 1 server with 8GB
    My computer info:
    Ram: 80GB
    CPU: e5-2670
    HDD: 100GB
    Network Speed: 80Mbps

  2. Any people can help me?
  3. BUMP! I want have a help with that!
  4. So you had the 4 servers running the CPU at 15% each at 1.5Gb of RAM but added another server with 8Gb RAM?
  5. What Skywars plugin are you using? What clockspeed is your CPU running at when all your servers are online? Have you encountered any thermal throttling?
  6. [ATTACH = đầy đủ] 351925 [/ ATTACH]

    CPU của tôi không có Skywars.
    with players online > 40. My CPU often > 80%

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  7. [QUOTE = "lilmikey0174, post: 3053910, thành viên: 177451"] Vì vậy, bạn có 4 máy chủ chạy CPU ở mức 15% mỗi 1.5Gb RAM nhưng thêm một máy chủ khác với RAM 8Gb? [/ QUOTE]
    4 server skywars game with 1.5Gb per server and 1 server Skywars Lobby. If player online skywars > 10. My CPU will > 80%