[Help] Losing Chunks-Have Googled solutions for weeks..

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by EvanWells, May 13, 2015.

  1. Hello my server has some chunk error. Many missing chunks. Whenever a player walks into the area they crash and can not relog, and the only way I can fix them is to delete their player.dat file. Ive tried everything to fix the chunks, even Using W.e. and //regen the areas. It is only a temp fix. Please help me, I am desperate at this point. Tell me what server specs you need and how to acquire them if need be. I am new to asking for help on here.
    Server ip is smp.mcvalhalla.com
    Website is Forums.McValhalla.com
    Dynamp is smp.mcvalhalla.com:8122

    I have attached a screenshot of one of the errors in my log. This is spammed all over with different numbers, along with error "Could not load Chunk."
    Thanks in advance! Let me know what further information you require. I am very appreciative for any assistance. Im trying to avoid a map reset, way too many player cities here.

    680032d60938a3e75afe6f504f35c3b3.png 4ce238c584843e2159cdc74b48aeafad.png
  2. Try running region fixer or is it chunk fixer...
    Remember to backup your world before you do so!
  3. Avoiding a map reset due to player cities... Hmm.
    i see some solutions including:
    Have multiverse only you can access old world and if they want their city back you copy the city and paste t in the new world.

    2) have a new world they do like /warp new and it brings them to the new world, still having old world to grab their stuff, etc. like they have a week or so period to do so. Also if you have games or stuff like spawn try making a replicate copy in new world and setting spawn and move warps and buildings over to new world.
  4. So far this is my favorite idea. The worse part is WorldEdit no longer ca move chest content. It makes them all blank, any idea there?
  5. Ask them to grab their important stuff? Lol.
    Also I would do #2 if I were you.