Help me about plugin skyblock, please!

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  1. Hello everybody, can you show me the plugin skyblock can add size/member island? not set

    Example: My island have maximum 3 member and i did somethings and i unlocked +1 member -> My island have maximum 4 member.

    Thanks you reads it. Good day!
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  2. It'd help to know what plugin you are currently using in your server. Please let us know!
  3. Im finding the plugin have this feature.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean. There's plenty of plugins available that are Skyblock related. Use the Resources page to search for some. :)
  5. Im finding the plugin skyblock have feature "ADD" member or size island. Not "SET" member or size island.
  6. Please help me :(
  7. Most skyblock plugins already support this. You can use a vouchers plugin created by BadBones or using a menu plugin like DeluxeMenus where it'll take currency to upgrade the islands by adding certain permission nodes.
  8. i said want to "ADD" not "SET" bro because I have many ways for them to do and It does not follow a certain sequence
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  9. Hello reader, please help me :(
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