help me crash bungeecord

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  1. I assume you are home hosting and your PC is crashing and going offline. I would not homehost and just get a VPS to make this not happen. Also, Windows 7 is like Minecraft 1.7 now... it's not supported and old. I would upgrade your OS to Windows 10 as it has a windows 7 feel to I think so you will be able to adjust to it easily. Also, that crashlog is either a windows crash log or an MC crash log.
  2. i run on windows server 2k8 on my dedicated
  3. Ah. No wonder. Switch to Linux or something as it will make your PC much faster.
  4. but my server Ram 64Gb and x2 CPU E5-2658v4
  5. How often does it crash?
  6. when 1 days , or few hours
  7. Gaxan


    How much RAM do you have alotted to your Bungee server. I'm no expert but it looks like Bungee is crashing java.
  8. i settup 1GB ram for bungeecord
  9. electronicboy

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    You experienced a crash in netty, looks like it tried to access a chunk of memory that wasn't allocated to it or something, which is a bit of a known bug, allocating more memory might help in cases like this, however not something I can really vouch on too much
  10. i will setup ram 2Gb for bungeecord :(