Help me find a Sorting Hat plugin (HARRY POTTER ROLEPLAY)

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  1. Hi!

    Sorry for posting in the wrong section but Spigot Plugin Requests section is closed or something.

    I'm searching for a plugin that can make my server better. Right now I have a sorting hat that can sort you to a home (Slytherin, gryffindor etc), but it does not make me the Gryffindor rank if I get Gryffindor and the Sorting Hat is just a command, that actually kinda sucks.

    So I'm searching for another plugin.
    The plugin I want is a plugin like Aparecium that was a plugin for bukkit (and 1.7+ versions) but is not developed anymore but was a really good plugin for this. The plugin asked like 5 questions, some questions so the sorting hat could easily choose which home you should be placed in.

    I can't find any plugin like this anymore and I hope someone of you maybe knows anything like this plugin or can update the Aparecium to 1.11.2 if it's possible.

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    This actually sounds really simple.
    /sort (or something)
    Randomly executes one of the following commands
    /pex user {name} group add Bowindor/Stringerin/Rythmpuff/Rosinclaw (Sorry for being in orchestra haha)

    In all seriousness though, this could be easily automated with one or two class files. Now just find a developer to make it.
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  3. Thx!
    But the thing is, I don't want this plugin really. I want it to look like the Aparecium instead of this simple plugin.
    But I'm not a developer so I have no clue how to make this simple plugin a little bit better with the pex idea.

    But thx.