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  1. Heyyyyy,

    So I'm trying to use JSON (and failing), so I'd like to know how I can easily get a string from JSON.

    For example if I get the JSON from: http://status.mojang.com/check, how do I get "minecraft.net"s value easily? I know PHP has a very simply way, so I'm wondering if Java has the same.

    Any and all help is amazing <3
  2. Use a JSON library like GSON.
  3. Thanks :) I was trying with org.json, but when using JSONObject, I get it must start with "{" which Mojang's status check does not, and then with JSONArray, I get 0 is not a string ;-;
  4. Can I see what you've tried?
  5. "in" is text from http://status.mojang.com/check - while "s" is "minecraft.net".

    Code (Java):

    JSONObject json = new JSONObject(in);
    String out = json.getString(s);
    Code (Java):

    JSONArray json = new JSONArray(in);
    String out = json.getString(s);
  6. making that json parser for umbaska eh ;)?
  7. Maybe :p Just got no idea wtf I'm doing xD I prefer PHP <3
  8. Haha. It's a JSON array you are trying to parse right now. Grab the JSONObject from the array then grab the string.
  9. I literally have no idea anymore ._.
    Code (Java):

    JSONArray json = new JSONArray(in);
    JSONObject jsonO = new JSONObject(json.getString(s));
    I tried it and it doesn't work :'( Sorry to be an absolute pain xD I'm guessing it's probably something really simply that I'm just not getting :p
  10. Code (Text):
    URL url = new URL("http://status.mojang.com/check");

    Scanner scanner = new Scanner(url.openStream());

    JSONArray array = new JSONArray(scanner.next());
    JSONObject object = array.getJSONObject(0);
    String result = object.getString("minecraft.net");
    You are welcome.
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  11. That is amazing <3 Thankies