Help Me: How can i make my server gain players/

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by PluginDevZack, May 29, 2016.

  1. So, I have opened a new minecraft server and it is creative plots.
    the thing is i listed it on many websites and i don't get alot of players.
    the server fully setup and ranks are done without any issues. The thing is where can i get my server popular so people can join and stay?
    People just seem to leave and never come back and i don't know why.

    The server have many cool stuff and plugins and also 150x150 plot size.

    Server ip:
    Not home hosted! it is open 24-7

  2. Get a domain for your server and maybe a website. Also maybe add some features other servers dont offer.
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  3. Server lists work very well, although its just temporary. If you want a good and running server you should start off without bungee and only one gamemode, this way people arent spread all around the network and will have interactions. Also try to get a website running (you could use enjin for that) and try to get a community going, no interaction = no players. If its a fun server and the staff plays/interacts a lot with the player base you'll get players that stay more often.
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