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  1. Hello,I have just opened a server and i really need a [item] plugin but all the ones out there dont support permissionsEX i mean prefixes i hope so one out there could help me make a plugin like this hear is a idea in the config there will be a place to set permissions and under it there will be what it will say so it will be like &8(&4Member&8)[name] <<<< its just a example there will be a option to set more prefixes every prefix has his own permission so if i do in config


    This is a example of how i hope config to look hopw there will be some one out there who could help me make this
    any questions replay down bellow
  2. I am a spigot noob sorry i putted the post here :(
  3. Search a Plugin Developer, i would use "BastiArts" (Remove Link when it isn't ok).

    Sorry for my English i come from Switzerland
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  4. Do they cost money? :p
  5. 5€ maximal
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