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  1. Hello,Ive recently searched for plugin to rename playervaults but i couldent find one :( i hope there could be someone out there who could make this plugin and help me out the commands that i think there should be is /pvrename [pv number] [name] I think the plugin should be called PlayerVaultsRename hope someone could help me make it if you have any wuestions write them down bellow and to open a named crate you do /pv [name]
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  2. Hello Heknon, can you say me what playervaults are? Maybe i can help you.
  3. What's with all the blind/lazy people these days that can't even read the stickies
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  4. PlayerVaults is a Bukkit plugin. It gives you movable storage in a GUI.
  5. You can copy the code of the plugin and add /pvrename [pv number] [name].
    But i think the maker of the plugin doesn't like that.
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  6. Choco


  7. This is "Spigot Plugin Development" not "Plugin request" If you encounter any problems creating this plugin, this is where you ask for help.
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