Help me make this plugin.

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  1. I have a new server and i had a idea for pa plugin i couldent find on spigot, I need a plugin that will be called CustomRules in this plugin there wil be the ability to create more then one rule files with configuration i want that you could be able to create more files the default files that should come with it is /srules and /rules /rules is fo members and /srules is for staff and if you create a new file and copy a template file and edit it as you want with a new command like /mrules for mod rules hope you will consider to make it thank you for reading Heknon.

    If you have any questions post a replay
  2. Ehm
  3. JamesJ


    Essentials /customtext

    Use the commands.yml to set an alias for /srules -> /customtext

    Boom. No plugins needed.
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  4. you can use essentials and custom help plugins really :D
  5. Talk about a run on sentence.

    Anyways, wrong section
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  6. JamesJ


    Thanks for reposting exactly what I just said.

    And I know you saw my post, because you gave it an 'Agree' rating..
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  7. This isn't the place for requests. If you want a plugin made, make a post here - it will cost.
    If you're looking to make the plugin yourself and need help, that's fine, but nobody is going to spoonfeed you this.

    Essentials has a rules file, but it's not very advanced and don't have a GUI or anything like that.
  8. oh yeah sorry ? did I posted it the same anyways there's no point of complaining it won't help the problem itself.
  9. What problem? He's just saying that the answer was already given, no need to repeat it again in your own words.
  10. yeah once again don't make me repeat it again like what I said sorry :D