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  1. First of all, I think your server cannot handle the stress, that's why the TPS dropped to 0.0 and decided to crash itself. Also, if you are using HubThat, remove it immediately.
  2. What plugin do you recommend me for hub ? I use multiverse for dual world. I need a plugin like: /hub or /lobby sents you to hub spawn, and /spawn or any command sends you to the survival world.
  3. Find a plugin for MultiVerse Spawn. For the hub, use HubBasics and disable the plugin, not using PWP, but the built in function, and players can use /hub.
  4. No; this seems like a very obvious issue here. There is a plugin, I think called HubThat which is trying to make some HTTP requests. Look like these requests are not async and the requests are timing out. For the ones who don't understand: The server is making an HTTP request and completely freezes untill the request is finished. Because it's an HTTP timeout, this freeze will last for a fairly long time. An HTTP request like the pulgin does should always be async, blame the horrible developer of HubThat for your issue. I'm afraid you'll have to find an alternative plugin. :p
  5. I already found out HubThat was making the issues
  6. I just said the same thing... -.-
  7. Partly. You said what plugin was wrong, I confirmed and explained why.