help me to help (Creating plugin HCF xCore)

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  1. I will create a HCF plugins and they would like him to put the plugins?

    these commands and put them

    /clearchat, /mutechat, /staffchat, /coords, /help

    say whatever all accepted the plugin will be free spigot
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  2. Is this a development question? If so, what is it about..?
  3. for now /clearchat, /mutechat, /staffchat, /coords, /help
  4. And what's your question?
  5. you like me to put the plugin
  6. What does "put the plugin" mean?
  7. add the plugin
  8. You want our opinions on what to put into your plugin that you're writing?
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  9. yes!!!
  10. Okay well you said HCF so I guess add HCF features? Like the kits and stuff.
  11. but nose if what you would like the owner of server HCF
    (sorry for my English) xD!
  12. Sorry I cannot figure out what you're asking.
  13. Code (Text):
     - nothing happens
  14. I think Spigot has an auto-translator. Maybe not
  15. o_O nope! :confused:
  16. mmm.. /grade /degrade etc.. like!
  17. e customMod "/mod"
  18. what did you want to say?
  19. dilo en espaƱol ._.!
  20. no sabes que es "grade"?