Help me with a sorting hat plugin (HARRY POTTER ROLEPLAY)

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  1. Hi!

    I'm searching for a plugin that can make my server better. Right now I have a sorting hat that can sort you to a home (Slytherin, gryffindor etc), but it does not make me the Gryffindor rank if I get Gryffindor and the Sorting Hat is just a command, that actually kinda sucks.

    So I'm searching for another plugin.
    The plugin I want is a plugin like Aparecium that was a plugin for bukkit (and 1.7+ versions) but is not developed anymore but was a really good plugin for this. The plugin asked like 5 questions, some questions so the sorting hat could easily choose which home you should be placed in.

    I can't find any plugin like this anymore and I hope someone of you maybe knows anything like this plugin or can update the Aparecium to 1.11.2 if it's possible.

    So is it anyone that can find the Aparecium plugin (or a plugin like it) or can pls make my simple sorting hat plugin add ranks to people when they get sorted.

    I mean:
    Getting sorted
    *Got Slytherin*
    Plugin adds the user (me in this case) to a group in PEX

    - [Slytherin] CRQZY: Hi everyone!

    Hope you understand what I mean.

  2. NathanWolf


    Sadly Aparecium doesn't look to be open source- but the dev seems active on Have you tried messaging them?
  3. I may make this tomorrow

    Easiest way:
    Code (Text):
    Bukkit.getServer().dispatchCommand(Bukkit.getServer().getConsoleSender(), "pex user <user> group set <group>");
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  5. A) He didn't say anything about is not possible to use commands
    B) He don't need to edit the source code lol, what I gave him is an API xDDDD
  6. My bad sorry <3
  7. Thx for your help, but there is no sourcecode and the plugin is outdated so it doesnt work.
  8. What? PEX is not outdated lol, use the API I gave you and voilĂ 
  9. No not Pex but the house sorting hat plugin