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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by coco03, Jun 1, 2017.

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  1. i got 4-7eur/month budget,
    i have 4 plugins in total right now and if i will add 2-4 more in future so max plugins 7-8, list: AuthMe,WorldEdit,WorldGuard,EasySetSpawn.
    the server will be like casual mini-games: spleef/splegg/murder mystery and 1 more in future, all mini-games are running on command blocks.
    players? around 20-30 due to small mini-games,max players on arena (4-6) and arenas(2 per mini-game or only 1)
    setup fees? no, ddos protection? indiferently for me, cpu, ram? enough for 20-30 players.

    thanks in advice, sorry for bad grammar if.
  2. I suggest looking at an OVH VPS for you in your state but if you want a single server, check out ExtraVM. :)
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  3. am i looking good at both you said? ovh and extravm ?
  4. Go with ExtraVM and @MikeA, can't go wrong.
  5. I know it is more then 4-7 euros but i just wanna tell you about strato vps linux servers. I have the second level (9euro/month) and it is pretty good. I run multiple servers + apache/mysql and it gives you full access to everything on the server. However, if you don't know a lot about linux, it is not the choise for you.
  6. i think i'm going with ovh vps ssd 1 3.5$ , due to 2gb ram compared to extravm 512mb ram for 3$.
    i go with vps for full control off server, thank you guys,if you have other offers better but around 3-5$ feel free to pm me.
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