Help me with offline mode and UUID

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  1. Hello bois
    So i made a factions server and i set it to offline or cracked players mode

    So when im premium player when i change my name i lost everything and all info such as ranks / faction / inventory etc
    So is there any plugin that stores players data and work with offline mode servers?
    Thanks have a nice day
  2. In offline mode all player uuids are generated based on their name.

    You need to use a plugin like this

    That way premium players will get their mojang auth and their true uuid so their stuff is saved under their not-changing uuid.

    The problem with that however is existing player data. This needs to be migrated either by hand or by some tool. This includes player inventory (vanilla save) as well as all your plugins player-related data.
  3. What does Fast Login do?

    And what soultion to save my players data without lose?

    Thanks have a nice day
  4. I mean about cracked and premium players data thanks
  5. Anyone help me please
  6. Strahan


    First, you know you can edit your post. No need to keep making new comments. Second, you aren't supposed to bump sooner than 24 hours, def not ten minutes lol. Anyway

    Read the page:

    A open source plugin that checks if a Minecraft player has a paid account (premium). If so, they can skip/auto login offline authentication (auth plugins). So they don't need to enter passwords.

    With that, paid users don't have to fuck around with authme login and registration. It won't solve the problem of existing users data not matching though. For that:
    How many players? If it's not much, it's pretty easy to do. If it's a lot, you're gonna need to research a tool to do it.
  7. Sorry for making many posts :(

    And its small server like 20 players so how to fix that?
  8. Strahan


    You rename their UUID file in the main world's playerdata folder, then for the rest it depends on your plugins. Like for Essentials, you just rename their file in userdata to the new UUID. For PEX, you open permissions.yml and change their UUID from old to new, or do a SQL update if you are using a SQL backend. LuckPerms, you edit the H2 database. Each plugin will have its own way of storing data.