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  1. Hello,
    Im aware that you have most likely saw someone do this however, i made a custom faction plugin and im looking for help with creating Custom Faction Name Tags above players that show relation with enemy truce ally and members if you can help me please do. I Will be willing to pay if you can help contact me on discord Kyrine#8557
  2. Not a very descriptive title at all,this sounds more like recruiting/hiring a dev so wrong section

    Depending on how you want to handle it,in most cases a packet containing a invisible armorstand set as passanger and displaying a custom colored name based on X
  3. its not you can help me on here but the problem is i dont really understand packets so if you can help me here i tried looking it up its to complicated so if you can help me out please do. In addition armor stands tags wont work cause the names of the armor stands have to bee client side due to relation colors
  4. Just ask for help on the forums instead of having somebody message you over Discord. It's a lot less roundabout that way and you get more options.
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  5. Dw most likely a bug from the forum,as it lagged 5mins ago even for me

    Also did you even try to work with the packets? There are plenty of tutorials that make use of ProtocolLib(Wich pretty much does the work for you)
  6. Yes i have i tried to use Protocol Lib i also tried to look at other faction plugins github but i still cant figure out how to use it
  7. Your title is not descriptive enough. You can't just ask here for someone to hire to do your job. There is seperated spigot section for services
    Please read this and you opened already the same thread before.
  8. just quiet lol it dont madder i dont need someone anymore to hire im looking for help
  9. Instead of writing "HELP ME WITH THIS", you should at least give a clue about your problem to help others who are troubled by the same problem.
  10. ThelegendofTR is right. Instead of creating the same thread with the same title and description better read the posting rules and give us code and error message. Thank you for your understanding
  11. im trying to do use packets to make custom faction tags if you know anything and can use protocol lib can you start me off