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  1. Hello, developers!
    My code:
    public void onPluginMessageReceived(String channel, Player player, byte[] message) {
    if (!channel.equals("BungeeCord"))

    ByteArrayDataInput in = ByteStreams.newDataInput(message);
    String subchannel = in.readUTF();
    String server = in.readUTF();

    if(subchannel.equals("PlayerCount") && server.equals("ALL")){
    int players = in.readInt();
    I have to take the int players and print it here:
    o.getScore(ChatColor.WHITE + "Online: " + ChatColor.GREEN + players + "/" + 5000).setScore(2);

    Please, help!
    Thank you so much!
  2. You don’t give us any infos of errors or others things. We are not robots or bots to resolve problems :(