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  1. you logged in from another location

    how to solve?
  2. If you are logged in with one client
    and you load mc again and log in again with another client, it will kick the first one out if it's the same username.

    Don't have the same name as the people already online.
  3. I'm assuming you're trying to see if one account logs in from multiple locations?

    You can store the last known IP of the player and then cross check their current IP with the saved one when they join. If they're different, they're in a different location.
  4. Eh, I reply based on the info provided :) It's so little, I lower the response to generic mc basics.
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  5. Upon, PlayerLoginEvent check if the user's name that is attempting to login already exists in the Bukkit#getOnlinePlayers Collection. If true, disallow the user from logging in.