Help, my CPU is high, but i don't see issues in timings

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Bubbelish_dan, Mar 21, 2020.

    Thats my timings report, but i do not see any issues besides world save. But the CPU is high.
    Its not high everywhere, just if i tp to my base. I think the 303 hoppers there which are causing this issue. I'm not sure how i can possibly save this, but the hoppers are needed for me.
    Is there some plugin that doesnt make everything too OP like EpicHoppers, that can reduce this? Transport pipes haven't updated to 1.15 yet, which is the server version im on
  2. Hoppers are definately a problem, you can change ticks-per hopper-check from 1 to 3 in spigot.yml to help. This value should be at least 3 but not greater or equal to than hopper-transfer.
  3. hmm how would that effect the hoppers work? Like would they become slower? Would they not accept items?
  4. Average TPS: 20.00 - Server Load: 29.81%

    There is no problem here at all (and the server load is not high).
  5. Right, but the server cpu is high, and that is a potential issue
  6. 30% is not high. I had someone craft and place 9,200 hoppers on my server and it still ran fine. I did ask him to change his pumpkin farm to use fewer hoppers.
  7. ik 30% isnt high. Mine is approximately 90%
  8. It just makes them tick less when they don't need to be ticking. As long as you follow the guidelines I had in my message it will be fine.