Help, my server eats a lot of RAM

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  1. Hi all, for more than a year worries me 1 problem, my server uses a lot of RAM and very often shuts down with an error about the lack of RAM. I 2 days ago I updated all the plugins, the server wipe was 2-3 weeks ago. Online is not a big 60-80 people. The range tester, I put 5 chunks. the command /lagg gc and /stoplag /stoplag-c does not help, please help, I want on the server to develop, but this problem keeps me going! I accumulated have provided some information you may need.

    This is /gc /lag
    tps - 19.6
    Max ram- 20'413 mb
    allocated ram - 20'413 mb
    free ram - 1.666
    uptime - 1 day and 7 hours



    My core: spigot-1.8.7-R0.1-SNAPSHOT-latest.jar


    My server: e3-1245v2 / 32 ram / 120 ssd / ovh
  2. You are having a lot of Entities active on the Blaze world.
  3. Thanks, but what does that mean and how is it fixed?
  4. Entities are mobs, ground items and animals. You can reduce the spawning rate by tweaking your spigot.yml file.
  5. Thanks, tonight I will try and tell what happens. Would never have thought that the reason may be in them, although on my second project with online 150-200 on version 1.5.2 no mobs and the server eats the aisles 4 gig of RAM out of 10 is awarded
  6. Like the user said above me, their are a lot of entities which you'll want to fix.
    Other than that, I'd look at the plugins that you currently have and see which ones are the high intensity ones, and I suggest removing them.

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  7. Wouldn't it not be that he has got too much ram on the server?

    Java garbage collection would effect the tps ?
  8. Thanks for your answer, but I don't know how to look through a load of plugins, it's timings? Could you help me to disable these entities? but on my server has mob arena, it is on so many people playing + put only today, on this problem it can't be.
  9. No, I'm sure that's not the problem, if you give him a 4-6 gig of RAM, the server will fall sooner with an error about insufficient RAM.

    The server is running on 8 gave, before he was 7, but after upgrading to 8 Java the problem persists. :(
  10. Download the plugin 'Top Lite' from the resource section and it will tell you the top 5 CPU-Intensive plugins.

    As of entities, get ClearLagg.
  11. Thanks for the plugin! This is exactly what I need
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  12. Sorry, but not where to find the command prompt to see which plugin is eating the most? Can you write it? I can not find = \
    I use lagg clear lagg unloadchunks , lagg gc
  13. Tux


    ClearLag in fact can be causing your problems, especially /lagg gc.
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    Use the plugin "Top Lite" for that. Clear lagg doesn't do that.
  16. I almost never use it. I haven't been on the server for more than a month or two, it is itself a standalone worked, so decided to do it and found this problem. Result /top
  17. I don't see any problem there at all. NoCheatPlus is expected to use that amount of CPU because it's logging each and every movement (which can be configured).
  18. This plug-in I put on a copy of your server. Tonight I will Board the ship tomorrow afternoon and look at the result!
  19. Rephrase please.