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  1. First Im sorry for my horrible poor English

    Im really new with putty ( centos ssh ) and Server Mincraft

    right now im rent VPS OpenVZ in local , because i get laggy from all US and EY :V our country have suck conection btw , i read all tutorial found on forum n google

    now... what have I done ?

    1. im instal Java 7 in my VPS centos
    2. yum Nano
    3. Upload old file my Minecraft Hosting ( FTP )

    Now im suck with make file " start.sh " , run server , seting server.propertis ( idk what port is )
    i like to isntal auto save server And easy controlong

    Any guide or tutorial about this T_T im really stuck

    thx for helping me
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    1. Good luck on understanding what port is.
    2. Good luck on understanding what server.properties do.
    3. I have wrote a python server wrapper script. You might want to try out. Remember to install the dependencies. https://github.com/Saren-Arterius/minecraft-server-launcher
      • Detach and attach minecraft terminal anytime (using GNU screen)
      • Auto start minecraft server(s) (for different users if you are on root) by running just 1 command (or on boot using the systemd service file provided)
      • Handle shut down and reboot gracefully (if you are using the systemd service file provided) or simply shut down your minecraft server by 1 command
      • Infinite loop start script that prevents unexpected /stop (Using command to stop or attach the screen, type "stop" and press Ctrl + C after bukkit/spigot has exited)
      • Sending console command to minecraft server instance by linux command
      • Simple config file to control
        • which linux user will run the server
        • how much ram should a server get
        • whether it should start by start all command
        • where is the server folder placed
      • Free and open source
    4. Use AutoSaveWorld plugin for that. It's much simpler than using shell script.
  2. 5. good look on trying to configure plugins
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  3. And 6. Good luck on dealing with server/plugin bugs on future.
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  4. 7. Good luck adding security on centos
  5. These are all what can be solved by learning computers.
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  6. This good ?

    i have probelm with Start server . in Hosting They can run so fast fo restart or start minecraft
    but in here really take time 3 - 5 mnt . My VPS have 6GB Ram with 4 core

    This my setup for start.sh


    java -Xms6144M -Xmx6144M -XX:MaxPermSize=5120M -jar spigot.jar nogui

    this find ?

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  7. please help
  8. Did you even Google?
  9. yes i did . try so many tutorial from 0 to server run but still
    cant do more 2GB
  10. PhanaticD


    maybe you should stick to managed servers
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  11. Stick to manage server ? I dont get it what you try to say . What im do right now try get my server on vps 4GB or 5Gb ,

    What java compatile to my server ?
  12. This is the place for you.
  13. Don't mean to necro, but this is still hilarious!