Help! No one can join my server but me.

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  1. Help, No one except me can join my server. My IP is correct, the portfowarding is correct, the joining IP is right, but no one can join!
    The IP is
    It is hosted on my laptop, not on a dedicated server,
    It started today, I will provide the logs here:
    I hate that this happened, because I am a YouTuber and was recording a 1 hour special for this but, I have to wait to finish it. It sucks.
    Please help me.
    EDIT: I portfowarded the port 25565 (thats the port the server uses) to my router.
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  2. Just give the other player your real ip.
  3. Can players join using the your public IP address? If you don't have a static IP address, make sure your IP address match the IP address on the domain.
  4. Oh dangit. I can't join with my public IP, 68.229.22x.xx (protecting my public IP), so that means no one can join with the domain from no-ip or my public IP. I am 90% sure that my IP is static, but not fully sure.
  5. Check out this video it might help you.
  6. Did you port-forward 25565 (Or whatever Port you use for the Server)?
  7. connor12568


    Did you port forward and all that jazz?
    Edit: Btw anyone can find your public IP address through domain reverse lookup.
  8. Yes, I did, as I stated in the post.
  9. Yes, I did, as I stated in the post.
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  10. I installed the DUC client, nothing changed, I am still the ONLY one able to join.
  11. You must not did your port right.
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  12. 25565, is the port. I got it right.
  13. Yes but you must not did it right.
  14. Fowarded to the router? Yes. I did, I will provide a screencap: NOTE: I have to have 25566 as the External Port because there is a conflict with the external port then. I use the 25565 port to join. It worked before, why not now, I do NOT know.
  15. Close this thread, i just changed the porrt and it worked.