[Help Now] Notorious Plugin Issues

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  1. Recently, I installed notorious onto my server and I am having issues with the pvp timer. The timer does not change it stays at 45 minutes which is what i set it to, it does not descend at all just stays at 45 minutes Please help me.

    Config ------------->>> https://pastebin.com/rhB71YPX

    I hope i can get help!
  2. Maybe read the configuration for once.. It's at 2700 seconds..
  3. I set it to that so how about you provide real help...
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  4. How about giving more info...
    Is the server offline when u edit...
    You don't even give lot of info so don't complain if the help you get is what exactly you want.
  5. Yes the Server is offline and if you want detail join the server... HCClans.org have at it
  6. The Timer doesnt go down in time nothing happens it just stays at 45 minutes.. that it I went in config nothing happend, No errors in console either so what is the problem
  7. Not going to join. Is it your own Plugin or a downloaded one? Maybe contact the author of the Plugin. Or try removing Plugins maybe one of them causes conflicts.
  8. I have been but he doesnt know what it is either, maybe my vault plugin is out dated???
  9. Its has nothing to do with vault. I suggest contacting the author. I think its a bug in the plugin. Or it could be your scoreboard (Not sure if its inbuild scoreboard).