Help on building new spawn.

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Does the spawn look at all promising?

  1. Looks terrible, no matter what you do it will never become good.

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  2. Looks promising, could eventually turn into a good spawn.

  3. It could become a good spawn with spigot community help.

  4. it just needs 100% redesigning.

  1. joehot200


    Hello, since the community has (understandably) been so negative about my spawns, im decided i am building a new one and would like help on how to build it.

    If you go onto my server and go to /warp nspawn you will see it -- Or here is a couple of screenshots:

    Actually, here's one. The other had problems uploading.


    So what should i do to improve it, or should i just redesign the spawn from scratch?

    (Note its under construction which is why im asking for help -- Its obviously not the finished thing)

    My server is a Survival/PVP, With KitPVP on another server (KitPVP temporarily disabled due to an error). There is no hub, players spawn in the survival/PVP server.
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  2. Not that creative to be Honest.
    You can always re-work it and add more details and even expand the size of it.
    Just a tip.
  3. joehot200


    *Shrugs* im expecting honest awnsers :)

    Any specifics, or just add more detail?
  4. Affixes


    What is your server about? Are you looking for a hub, a Survival spawn, etc.? We would need some more information.

    Like TheMcGuider says, it really doesn't look so good.
  5. joehot200


    Which is why i am asking for suggestions or help. I understand you saying it dosen't look good, but i would like some specifics as well as how i can improve. Thanks.

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  6. Affixes


    Alright, so you should just go with a regular spawn area. Maybe think of a small town, much like a village? I don't know... Reach out to some creative players and see what their take is.
  7. joehot200


    What i want for a spawn:

    An area where players spawn, with things like enchanting, workbenches/tools, parkour, free items, and an exit leading to a pvp arena. Also i want a relatively small spawn, no point in a spawn where you have to walk 100 blocks just to get to the enchanting area.
  8. joehot200


  9. joehot200


    Hows this?:


    Should i change the colour of the wool to something like blue?
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  10. Getting better but in your case I would just download a map.
  11. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    I agree, downloading a spawn till you can find some builders.

    Get a small simple one, nothing crazy.
  12. graywolf336


    I agree with the others, downloading a simple one is what is probably best for you until you figure out what exactly you want in a spawn.

    Back in late June and early July my server got a map reset (bad timing due to 1.7, but the new terrain wasn't known then) and with that we completely redid the spawn town. My server is a Towny server, yes I know just another Towny server, but for some reason we are ranked people high in Google search for towny server and so we get several guests because of that. As a Towny server, there's no real big need for a spawn if the towns are active except for in our case we wanted a couple things, we wanted the spawn town to be the central hub for economy with a major focus on player to player transactions. Once we figured out what the purpose and goal of the spawn was going to be we was able to play around with several different layouts before we even started to design anything.

    We started off with how we wanted to focus on player to player economy transactions and then designed around that, we ended up with this design Each color represents a different build but later came to just represent a different general section of the spawn town. We then started with the central piece and built out way out. It worked great for us, but it did turn out to be a larger spawn than our first one and than we really wanted but that's how we designed, organized, laid out, and came up with ours. Whether this method works for you, I can't and won't promise anything but I'm just sharing my story.

    TL;DR: Basically, figure out what you want the purpose of your spawn to be and then set that specific thing as your central part and then the lower priorities have them around your main purpose. that is an image of our layout for the spawn town, check color represents something different (although the end result looked completely different, that was the general idea/layout).

    Hope this helps some...take it with a grain of salt if you want to, this is just what I found worked best for me and I don't run that big of a server just a smaller community server.
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  13. Wazez


    Do not download a map that's already been made. Regardless of how good it looks.
    Your players will value what you, the server has done. And they'll appreciate your efforts.
    I'd rather play on a server that's made its own spawn rather than downloaded from the net.
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  14. joehot200


    I agree with Wazez that i do not really like downloading and using others' spawns. I do however see others' point about downloading a spawn, but really then feel that its not unique or appreciated.
  15. joehot200


    Current spawn:
    I also tried it with leaves, which one looks better?

  16. I could make a spawn for you in a few days I am a bit confused right now though I got a concussion last night.
  17. joehot200, you're right. Selfmade stuff is the best. I always facepalm when I visit servers with downloaded maps / spawns. The servers may be good in general, but personally I don't want to be awarded for stuff I didn't make myself with the help of my community.

    As the first few seconds are dependant if a player will stay on your server or not, I would feel like I was cheating.
    Off topic: I noticed my english gets really bad when I'm sick in bed, lol.
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  18. joehot200


    You seem to not be having a very good few weeks :L.

    Communicating your meaning is the important thing :)
  19. I know right. I had a catscan last night. Meewwwww
  20. > Downloads off PMC
    > //replacenear 100 <old_block> <new_block>

    Look at my fancy spawn! (Not kidding, made a new server today, did this. I'm ashamed of myself :( )
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