Help on starting up my Star Wars server [I have LOW budget]

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  1. I already have a good host that I would like to use so I dont need to know that, but I am trying to create a Star Wars Themed minecraft server. it would be more like the old republic with The Eternal Empire and stuff like it.

    So these are the things I would like you guys to help me with.

    - Whats a good price point I dont want to go over $25 as I plan on not having donations and stuff as that usually leads to unfairnes and Pay2Win which I want to avoid I can allow people to buy small stuff like a tag but I will only sell it for $1-$2 as its cosmetic only.

    - How do I create custom weapons, I want to create Swords, blasters, lightsabers and stuff like that BUT i dont want to use regular swords to do so. I want there to be swords AND these weapons I heard that in 1.9 you could do something like this and I would like to know how.

    - What would be a good force plugin, I am planning on using Magic spells as it has alot of spells and I could just rename them to be more like force powers but it would take 1-2 weeks setting up. Its the best free thing I could find to use. I dont want to use the Magic plugin since that takes up ALOT of ram and gets all confusing and glitchy most of the time.

    - Are there any free/open source textures people would be willing to let me use.

    - How much ram should i get. I only plan on having 50 players complete maximum.

    - Any good worlds.

    - How should I set up the ranks and stuff, should it be like all official or community run. By this I mean should there be like factions and the rank up is based on time and money OR should I create all the temples and orders and put diffrent people in charge and make it so only those are it. By this I mean like a random player cant create his own empire and stuff. Essentially should there be world protected temples and stuff that is run all by the server and then have a surival world off to the side where if people want to have bases and stuff they can OR should I let the player base run it all and create there own stuff like order
  2. Save some money before you're doing this. Only setting up and building the entire map would cost a lot of time.
  3. Can I get a star destroyer
  4. Maybe you can get a star wars mod in your server
  5. I dont want to mod the server, that would greatly hinder its chance of actually succeeding.
  6. Yes, BUT if I where to make the server COMMUNITY run like they owned the factions and orders and whatnot then that wouldent really be a problem.
  7. And also pelease start awnsering the questions
  8. Depends if you wanna use free maps or hire a building team (or build your own). If you wanna hire a team, be prepared to pay much, much more.
    Also developers cost money, if you plan to have custom plugins. However, you can use Skript if you don't know how to code, but I'd suggest learning to code.
    There's some plugins you can use. For example, you can create custom weapons with CrackShot or Quality Armory.
    I don't know since I don't work with that.
    Google is your friend.
    Depends on the plugins and optimization.
    I'm not into the Star Wars universe, so I don't really know.
    It's your server, so you should decide it :p
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  9. I will not be doing the Star wars server, My budget is WAY to low for it and I realize it would take serious time to set up. I have decided to go with a Old Medieval(ish) styled Factions server.
  10. Try add something new otherwise no one is going to play a normal factions server as there are so many