Help Please Economy Calc Plugin

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  1. Hey guys. I've been looking for a plugin that basically calculates all item prices. You just setup the basic item prices that are used to craft such as OakLog, Stone, Cobblestone, IronOre, GoldOre, etc. Then it uses those prices to determine other item prices that are crafted using the cobblestone etc. Examples: Stairs, stick, ladder, slabs, stone bricks, etc.
    I tried the "Value" plugin. But after setting it up and restarting my server it didn't set up the prices correctly. For example if I set the price of OakWoodPlanks to $0.50 each, then did /value oakwoodstairs (which uses 6 planks to make, so 6x$0.50=$3 for 1 stair) it wouldn't say the correct number.

    I have a 1.8.8 Spigot Survival server. Sorry if that didn't make sense for my explanation, in short terms I am looking for a plugin or website that does the same as the "Value" plugin, but working and updated to 1.8


    Edit: I've been trying to set every price using /worth for the essentials plugin. But it keeps changing some prices back to the default for some reason meaning it doesn't work. I would set the worth of one cobblestone to $0.50 then a little while later I would check the worth and it was back to $1.50 each cobblestone, which I didn't set.
  2. The essentials command would be /setworth to set the worth of every item. I've never seen a plugin that automatically calculates item prices before, but you can use blueshop for a nice looking shop. To make calculations ingame, use worldedit's //calc ;)

    Hope this helped you out a bit :)
  3. Well I was using /setworth to set the prices along with //calc and /recipe to see all the items used to craft each item. The problem was Essentials, for some reason, would keep changing some of the prices back to the default price and no one else has access to /setworth. Also, the disadvantage of doing it that way is if you mess up 1 price such as a stick, then all items that use sticks to craft them have the wrong prices and can create exploits in your shop.

    I ended up just giving up on /setworth and am making my server shop. I'll try to make sure there are no exploits. Plus one of my friends likes to find and abuse exploits on servers so I enabled logs for buying and selling items from the shop. So.. if he abuses.. I can check logs and fix it xD

    Thanks for your reply though. I'll check out blueshop