Help Please, Install 404 on Google Cloud

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  1. I am making a Cloud server for my son. I have followed instructions found online and run into this error message:

    connecting to ( | :443. . . connected.
    HTTP request sent,, awaiting response. . . 404 Not Found
    2015-07-11 02:18:56 ERROR 404: Not Found

    I installed JDK and Git already.

    Here is the command I have tried using to get Spigot to install

    Any help would be appreciated. My 10 year boss wants this up by Tuesday , haha.

    Thanks again
  2. Is this a VPS or Dedicated cloud server? From seeing the command I think your are using some sort of Dedicated server.
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  3. I think a dedicated. This is my first try at making a server. It is through Google Cloud Platform.
  4. Try uploading the jar manual
  5. How do I do that?

    Sorry again, I have been following a blog post instructions... I can post the link but didn't' know if it is OK or not to do that.
  6. Thanks for the help!! It was actually a typo, grrrr....
  7. Why are you using Google Cloud for Minecraft servers? Cloud servers are for hosting files.
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  8. I agree, it would be easier (and cheaper!) if you got a VPS from the Likes of Ramnode or DigitalOcean.
  9. "Cloud server" is just a buzzword. It's a server like any other.
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  10. But the hardware is typically not as performance based because it's only hosting files, not actually running a game.
  11. I chose Google cloud because it's free. Supposedly, it can host up to 50 players. If he becomes more serious about programming or hosting a larger server, I'll look into a physical machine.
  12. Tux


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  13. Google Cloud isn't free. It actually quite expensive, you may be referring to the free trial.

    You can calculate the prices here:

    You would Honestly be better getting a VPS from DigitalOcean or you could read the guide in my Signature ;)