HELP please with Prison mine resets

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  1. You want all your mines to reset at the same time or you want to get rid of all the spam in chat?
  2. i would like both if possible
  3. Okay so firstly, to sync all the mines just do /mrl reschedule, that will sync all the mine resets. If you want to get rid of the messages then do /mrl flag <mine name> silent true, that should stop the mine announcing it has been reset. And yes unfortunately you have to do that for each mine :p
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  4. You can do /mrl flag {mine} silent true and set all mines resetdelay at the same minutes e.g /mrl flag {mine} resetdelay 2 in all of them and then do /mrl reschedule
  5. i tried the /mrl reschedule and it shows up at unknown cmd
  6. You might be using an older version of MineresetLite consider updating it