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  1. Hey there everyone!
    I am here today just to ask for a little help, now I know after reading this thread, you're going to say "WHAT A NOOB!"

    Yes, I have only just started working with bungeecord, and this has happened a lot recently.

    When I start up bungeecord, it takes around 15 seconds for the server to begin and actually show the motd. Please tell me how to fix this.

    Log - http://pastebin.com/puBuSk1U
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    Log looks fine. 15 seconds to start up is also alright.
  3. No I mean, When it is started, It doesn't even show the motd for atleast 15 seconds, it just continues to load.
  4. That is normal. It can't show the MOTD unless BungeeCord is ready to run properly.
  5. But when bungeecord is fully up and running, it still does the same thing.