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  1. Hello,

    I am looking for the plug-in the hypixel uses on their skyblock server for their objectives/quests. I have seen the plug-in here on spigot before but I forgot the name, please help me finding it
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    Hypixel have completely customised plugins. They do not require any public plugins.

    However, if you're looking for a COPY plugin, then you should look at aSkyblock or bSkyblock and some relevant addons for them.
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    Again, Hypixel's plugins are custom, however you can literally Google "askyblock quests addon" and I'm sure you'll stumble across it.
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    And do you have proof of your bullshit claims? Literally ignoring WorldEdit and WorldGuard. Those aren't COMPLETELY custom. Literally everything else is custom.
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    I gave you your answers TWICE. Just GOOGLE them.
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  7. Search on Google: hypixel skyblock objectives

    Its the first picture on images
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  9. They 100000% don't use AAC lol. He's prob thinking about the AAC dev working at Mineplex and got confused. BUT Hypixel does use forks of public plugins like Citizens but yea not on the level of gamemodes.
  10. @_BlackSquid_ As @TheJavaHacker said, you aren't going to find Hypixel's plugins for Skyblock online. If they weren't unique plugins, Hypixel wouldn't have near as much success with their Skyblock server as they do currently.
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  11. I might have mistaken about AAC, mb. But there is still No need to be unkind, I just Needed Some help.