1.14.4 Help please

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  1. Someone help me, I don't understand the meaning of this error, always appear when I put this way of taking a string from a configuration, but only in this type of command and only when I use it in the "Messages.Money.Something" configuration path
  2. Can you show a stack trace of the error and snippet of the code that is relevant ?

    EDIT: and config where youre pulling data from
  3. Can we see the error and the code?
  4. absolutely no message by config is now not working
  5. What about the code? And specifically line 27?
  6. It's really sad to see that after so many posts spammed with the same stuff("can you post the error log and code") people still dont do it
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  7. Este é o código

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  8. Is the variable "message" initialized?

    Either the method getInstance() from your RealLife class returns null or the variable "message" of the RealLife class is null.