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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by MakeItWet, May 24, 2015.

  1. My friend trays joining and it does not work does he need spigot installed? I'm using himachi and he is connected to it and has the right IP it just won't let him join any help? Thanks!
  2. We need more information, how are you starting the server? Does it show any error messages? Can you join it yourself?
  3. in hamachi from what i know you can not have a spigot server. you probably have spigot in your mods folder. spigot is not a mod its a minecraft server running app. if you really want to use spigot tell him to put it in his mods folder too that way you will both have the same mods. Tell me if that works.
  4. Ok I'm using run.bat to start it with no error messages and also i can join
  5. I have spigot in .Minecraft in its own folder tell me should it be in mods and does he need spigot downloaded?
  6. How in any way shape or form age you helping go back to trying to troll on Youtube you immature brat
  7. yes he needs it in the same loacation you have it
  8. Ill try this out and get back to you he need the same plugins too?
  9. same mods plugins maybe
  10. if he is putting them in his mods folder then yes
  11. Ok ill try this out tonight and get back to you im new to this and wanted my school friends to play a server with me
  12. Do you happen to have Skype so I can send you pictures of my settings?
  13. By mods I am confused I am using bukkit plugins and that is all also it is in a folder called spigot in the .Minecraft folder