[HELP] Put head player image on map?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Maximiliano, May 22, 2016.

  1. Any idea if possible make a plugin for put the head image of player on a map?
  2. Viewing your profile, you don't know Java, and even Image Manipulation in Java. Please try to learn Java and then, try Bukkit. Stop doing Skripts, they are bad
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  3. Who said he developed Skript? Don't be so hostile. He's asking for help, simply saying that isn't helping anyone and is a pretty douche-y move. And anyways, even if he IS a Skript developer does that make a difference..?
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  4. just learning java does that mean you have the privilege to underestimate someone ?

    we don't know what he can and he can't do don't judge book by its cover he may be skript developer so what ? does that mean he can't do java at the same way ?
  5. He seem to be just flat out wrong. OP does appear to know a bit of Java, assuming he made the resources listed on his account (except the Skript resource). But yes, if a person doesn't appear to know Java at all, and he's asking bad questions, not stupid, but bad as it's badly explained. Obviously OP wants to know how, but he's actually just asking if it's possible at all.

    @OP Yes, it's possible to set the image shown on a map. I believe Bukkit allows you to upload either a Image or a BufferedImage to the map item, I can't remember exactly how, but it's certainly possible.
  6. me Either since I've quitted once at coding because of life business.
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  7. Otget to the point get the gameplayer of a playrr and get their skin from the properties map. Decode it with base64 and get the link. Then download the image from this link and resize it to the head texture. Then use a custom maprenderer to draw the image you just created.