[HELP] Raid Plugin?

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  1. Hello,
    I need a 'Raid' Plugins for my server (RPG)
    What I mean by 'Raid' :

    " A raid is a type of mission in a video game in which a number of people attempt to defeat a boss monster or consecutive series of bosses. The term raid itself stems from the military definition of a sudden attack and/or seizure of some objective. This type of objective is most common in MMORPGs, and usually but not necessarily occurs within an Instance dungeon. In RTS games like StarCraft. "


    If you know any plugin similar to what I described please let me link in comment.
    Or if someone is willing to create such a plugin, I can help with the idea and all.
  2. Custom textures + Custom "models" + Clans for extreme boss battles.
    That might be a good idea for a paid resource.
  3. if anyone can develop i can help with idee, i'm webdeveloper, i know 'how code work'
  4. I doubt you could program 1 + 1 =2 with that awful grammar and spelling.
  5. i'm not native speaker and i really don't care about my grammer / spelling & speaking. ^^
  6. You might be better off to care more about your language skills. If you want to have a dev help you with your "idee's", you should probably try to look a little more professional. Also, if you "know how code work", you would have an appreciation of grammar and spelling, as you would know how important a little spelling error can be.

    If you are looking for a developer, I would suggest posting in the development section as you will probably get faster help. Good Luck.
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  7. Oh, I liked your
    post better.
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  8. I really think I was misunderstood.
    1. I'm looking for a plugin like descriptions made.
    2. If there is no plugin similar to what I described, and who is to blame dipus to occupy their free time we said that we can help with it.