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  1. Hello,

    My problem is extremely simple, however I cannot find a fix. Every time someone uses the GUI's they are spammed with command feedback.

    An example of the such is if someone wanted to buy from one of the custom shops I have created. They are given the feedback of "Giving (Amount) of (Item) to DarkCrimsonFury."

    In addition, I would also like to be able to disable the feedback given when a chest GUI is opened.

    I know this is all possible because I have seen it on many other servers. If anyone could help, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Hey there sir,
    I do not recommend chestcommands,
    Instead, get a better alternative such as CustomGUI
    If you don't got the buck then use this DeluxeMenu

    Both Support placeholderapi as a plus
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  3. Why you not recommend, ChestCommands is still very good plugin and i mean very good. I mean it still need few features but it runs smoothly.
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  4. I could look into that, but my server runs on Chest Commands GUI. It could take weeks to migrate to a new plugin.

    Are the features I need available in this other plugin?
  5. There is included a lot more too
  6. One more thing I was really wondering, do either of these support the use of a custom permission node? My server relies on the ability to create permission nodes to assign to different things in each GUI. It creates more flexibility in what I am able to create.

    If this is also possible in either of the other two GUI plugins, I may very well consider switching.
  7. Look at the features I've sent you from the page
  8. I checked the plugin out and it seems too complicated for me to learn within my current deadlines. If you have any idea how this issue could be fixed without having to change plugins, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. Disable the command feedback gameruoe on your server. Try this.
  10. I did this awhile ago and had no luck, not sure why it didn't work.
  11. Bump, I am still having this issue.
  12. Bump, I am still having this issue. I have to release soon too, so any help is extremely appreciated.
  13. Bump, I am still having this issue. I have to release soon too, so any help is extremely appreciated.
  14. Bump again, still having the issue. I have tried to just turn off command feedback and it does not work. Are there any other strategies?
  15. Bump... I have to release soon.
  16. Don't think chest commands has a way to do that

    You could just get a custom plugin made
  17. I was thinking this would be the only solution.

    Are there any existing plugins that could provide a similar effect?
  18. I don't Think So
  19. Is there any feasible alternative? If there was some way I could migrate all the menus I have created to a better plugin, I would take it in a heartbeat. So far I think I might have to tediously learn a new plugin and migrate everything entry by entry. :/
  20. thats the thing there arent a lot of plugins that do what chestcommands do I might ask my dev to make one to put on spigot when he gets back from vacation but thats up to him if he wants to