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    I recently setup an adventure map with required a custom texture pack. No problem, just set the link for that in However, when players leave and come back to the lobby server they're now using the adventure map texture pack rather than reverting back to the default server. One less than ideal solution has been to set the texture pack of the lobby server in the same way but this required that the players have to download that texture pack on initially logging into my force login lobby server. Perhaps this is the only solution but it would be great if there was a way to revert back to the default minecraft 1.5 texture pack without the users having to essentially download something they technically already have.

  2. Well you are one up on me, when putting the link in server.props, the texture pack dosent download after asking to download it.

    And, Set the texture on your lobby/other servers as a texture link with the default texture. That should fix all your problems.
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    Yes, I was able to find a .zip of the default minecraft texture pack and threw it up on dropbox and it solves the problem as you say. However, I think it's silly to have the players download something they already have when logging into my lobby server for the first time hence the reason for my post.

    As to the problem you indicated, is it not solved by adding "?dl\=1" at the end of your URL string ending with .zip?

    IE: link\=1

  4. Ok, ill try that, thanks!
    And im glad your problem is solved. I know its annoying that players have to keep downloading something they alre.....
    There was a plugin somewhere that forced all players onto the default texture
    Lemme find it. 1 sec
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    That would be trick!!