Help! Server Crashes When Players Join Server

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by NinjaEagle, May 26, 2018.

  1. Hello, I currently own a server and we just released today. We got about 80+ players in about 10-15 seconds at launch and then the server crashed. We tried different methods of trying to reduce the crash. I deleted ArmorEquip because it was one of the reasons why the server was crashing and some other plugins also.

    We tried reducing the slots to 30 and it still crashed the server. The server works for a little bit but then it starts getting laggy and then we all get kicked for Timed Out; and then the server just crashes. Is there something wrong with my server? Or do I need a better hoster? I have 18336MB of ram but it seems like it doesn't handle it! If so, what server hoster would be perfect for a lot of players. My server is big and has a lot of plugins. Thank you ASAP! We need to server to release!

    I am currently using AnvilNode and I have the 18336 MB plan.
  2. May I see your plugin list? And also PaperSpigot is not supported here. But I’ll try my best
  3. Try updating your PaperSpigot to a more appropriate version, you can do so here. [this is the lastest 1.8.8 paperspigot build]
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  4. Or switch over to a more supported server jar like Spigot.
  5. It really depends on what server he is running, that being [Prisons, Factions, Survival] PaperSpigot is adapted to Factions with its cannoning fixes. If this is the case, using Spigot wouldn't be the best idea.