Help - Server crashing, inventories reset.

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  1. Hello, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this.

    I am having a problem with one of the servers on my network. Here's how it goes.

    1. People start complaining that their inventories, mcmmo, playervaults were reset.
    2. Factions (The server that is having these problems) doesn't allow anyone to connect. (I'll have to find the error message)
    3. We restart factions.
    4. 80% of people that join have their stats reset. Not everyone, I find this strange.

    That is one of the errors we get. Sometimes factions doesn't allow certain people to connect as well. Here's the error message in console.

    Code (Text):
    21.05 06:54:47 [Server] INFO UUID of player Kenny_2002 is 8bcf4645-4a53-4cea-9346-661dc38ed41a 21.05 06:54:47 [Server] WARN Failed to handle packet for / 21.05 06:54:47 [Server] INFO java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 21.05 06:54:47 [Disconnect] User Kenny_2002 has disconnected, reason: Internal server error 21.05 06:54:47 [Server] INFO Aborting profile loading recovery for Kenny_2002 - player logged out
    I hope someone can help. Thanks!

    EDIT: I get this error before it happens. (At the top)

    EDIT**: Here's a log of when it happens. Sorry it's so long, it's a lot of repeated errors.

    EDIT***: I also get a lot of this in console
    24.05 15:22:36 [Server] WARNING [Ping Handler] -> Factions - read timed out 24.05 15:22:41 [Server] WARNING [Ping Handler] -> Factions - read timed out 24.05 15:22:46 [Server] WARNING [Ping Handler] -> Factions - read timed out
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  2. What version of spigot are you using?
  3. 1.8.8
  4. what version of bungee u using ?
  5. How do I check? Sorry if I'm being a pain
  6. with bungee i find that if you dont set bungee online to true and the spigot.yml setting use bungee to true it sends people with a different uuid an offline uuid and when some people returned it gave them a different uuid losing all their stuff. this might not be your problem but id look at your settings to make sure bungee and your servers read each other correctly.
  7. In the bungee config.yml "online_mode" is set to true
    In the factions spigot.yml " bungeecord" is set to true

    Is there anything else I need to check / change?
  8. when you checked did you actually have to change anything
  9. I didn't
  10. Bump
    In the bungee config.yml "online_mode" is set to true
    In the factions spigot.yml " bungeecord" is set to true
    In the factions "online-mode" is set to false
  11. Buuump, I need help urgently
  12. 4chan



    Did you follow the instructions?
  13. YWI


    The world might be corrupted. Also try making the spigot version the same as other servers.
    Last thing, make sure to update essentials.
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    The error message tells us it's not corrupt k.
  15. Yea, world saving seems to be fine now. However the error still persists
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    Did you delete the lock file?
  17. All of the spigot versions are the same across the network. If possible could you link me to an updated version of essentials that works on 1.8.8 please, I'm having trouble finding one.

    How would I check for a corrupted world, is so, how can I fix it?
  18. Yes, there are no more errors when the world saves. However the original problem is still here
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    Entire server log pls.
  20. From the day where the bug happens?